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Brava Awards

ARMA Inc. - Wednesday, July 15, 2015

So proud of our CEO and President!


ARMA Inc. - Thursday, July 02, 2015
Tomi Bannister

Washington D.C. June 30, 2015 Brava! Award recipient Tomi Bannister is celebrating 25 years of successfully serving the IT and telecommunications needs of federal and corporate sector clients in the Washington D.C. area as CEO of Automated Resource Management Associates Inc. (ARMA).

On July 15th, SmartCEO will be hosting Bannister among other distinguished CEOs, nonprofit leaders and high impact executives during the Brava! Awards ceremony to honor achievements both in business and community activism. Bannister is being honored for her work within the telecommunications field in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area as well as for being a pivotal mentor with The Global Protégé Group; a start-up/entrepreneurial group that provides business tools via successful business owners as mentors. Bannister has built a reputation by being responsive to her clients and accessible to the community when called upon.

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Long before the tech start-up boom, Bannister bravely started an IT consulting company, (ARMA) on her own in 1990 to help government and industry clients meet their demanding program support requirements. At that time women, especially women of color, were a rare sight in the IT world. She had to battle for the attention of the overlooking eyes that did not welcome a qualified woman into the then ‘boys club’ of technology, while also being a wife and mother to her then eight-year-old son. Nevertheless, she circumvented the doubts and triumphed over the worries by hiring trustworthy committed professionals that were looking to grow in their desired field. She strives to be an example of modern feminism where women can do and have it all. Her success speaks for itself.

One lesson Bannister hopes to share with other aspiring women is that it takes time, patience, and enthusiasm to foster and maintain personal growth. Bannister's staff starts as employees, she nurtures them into peers through providing tools and resources to deliver high quality and innovative services for all ARMA clients.

That's why ARMA is a company you can trust to do the job right from the start.

"Cultivating success is an inevitable feat by focusing on uncompromising integrity, focus, and the willingness to grow others as you grow yourself. If we are unwilling to nurture someone else how can we expect to continue to evolve? The next great thing that could change the course of our daily operation could come from someone's overlooked potential. That's a risk that I have not been willing to gamble with and because of that we’ve been successful for 25 years," Bannister stated about her successful business model.

Over the years Bannister acquired IT related opportunities with government agencies, military, and private contracts with major communications companies. The office is located in downtown Silver Spring, MD.

30th Annual Maryland Small Business Week Award

ARMA Inc. - Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Quoted on Business: Jacqueline Whitmore

ARMA Inc. - Friday, June 05, 2015


Via Black Enterprise, Jacqueline Whitmore, an internationally-recognized etiquette expert, author and founder of The Protocol School of Palm Beach, teaches us about the importance of likability in business.  Her first suggestion:

Master the BLT factor. In this case, BLT stands for believability, likeability and trustworthiness. Cultivate a reputation that embodies these three key traits. “When clients decide with whom to do business, they ask themselves, ‘Is Todd capable of the work and will I enjoy working with him?’ When we need help getting a job done, we most likely choose a congenial person over a more capable but less cordial one.”

The Power of Delegation

ARMA Inc. - Friday, May 29, 2015


A post at Small Biz Trends tells us that a new Gallup study reports that companies led by executives with high “Delegator” ability enjoyed strikingly higher growth rates and revenues than those without.  Here are some of the ways they encourage you to build these "Delegator" abilities:

  1. Admit you can’t do it all yourself.
  2. Develop a strong team.
  3. Provide what your employees need.
  4. Don’t micromanage.
  5. Learn to collaborate.
  6. Be a good communicator.

Video: Women in Small Business

ARMA Inc. - Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Quoted on Team Building: David Ehrenberg

ARMA Inc. - Friday, May 15, 2015

David Ehrenberg of Early Growth Financial Services:

Early on, I mistakenly attempted to get my CFOs to do business development. When this experiment fell flat, I realized that instead of trying to make square pegs fit round holes, I should have enabled people to play to their core strengths. I hired a senior sales director and a business development team to focus on growing sales which I should have done in the first place. 

Women and Business Funding

ARMA Inc. - Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Quoted on Business: Barbara Corcoran

ARMA Inc. - Friday, May 08, 2015

Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank:

Now many [...] business ideas on first blush to me sound like they’re pretty stupid and they’re not going to go anywhere. But who am I to say?I failed at my first business of Flower of the Week Club. And then I succeeded at my second business. And so what I’ve learned more than anything is to just tell people the dream is great. Try it. You don’t want to die thinking you wish you should have, could have.

2015 National Small Business Week PSA from SBA Administrator

ARMA Inc. - Wednesday, May 06, 2015

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