Facilities Management


Facilities Management and Operations consists of a number of important processes and departments that need to work together to make sure that your facilities run as needed. At ARMA, our breadth of experience gives us the ability to provide facilities management for a wide array of clients that need our help with important aspects of their facilities management.

Some of our available facilities services include:

  • Facilities personnel support: we can provide you with the staff members who understand what is required to run an efficient facility. We can also help with training and evaluation of your existing facilities staff;
  • Equipment custodial services: all facility equipment has maintenance needs to mitigate risk of catastrophic failure. ARMA can perform upkeep on all equipment in operation and inventory to maximize their effectiveness, lifespan, and value to the client;
  • Contractor reporting: clients that utilize contractors to do important jobs must be able to keep track of their progress to ensure that things are going smoothly. ARMA helps clients with all kinds of reporting needs so that they can get the information they need without devoting a large portion of their own resources to reporting.

In the Operations department, we can help train the necessary personnel and provide tests that help ensure everyone understands their job responsibilities and what they need to get done for the organization to be successful. We have worked on facilities management for large government organizations including the U.S. Air Force and Department of Transportation, but we can also help smaller clients that operate in the private sector. No matter what kind of organization we work with, our team is dedicated to providing the service required to ensure that our clients have top-quality facilities that run the way that they should.

System Operations Support

  • Purchasing: getting access to the equipment that you need when you need it is integral for success. ARMA will help you accomplish your purchasing goals;
  • Inventory management: we will help you keep your inventory organized and accessible;
  • Software management: thanks to a diverse understanding of important modern software, ARMA is able to help clients make their programs work effectively within the context of their mission.

Some areas include:

  • Purchasing
  • Operations Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Total Quality Management
  • Logistics Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Software Management