The Young Entrepreneur Council has some great ideas on motivating your employees and improving workplace morale. One area they have great thoughts is in relation to giving authentic feedback.

  • Acknowledge progress: Recognizing when your team has reached
    significant milestones will undoubtedly keep individuals performing at
    their best. Acknowledgment not only builds confidence in struggling
    students but also signals to team members that you notice and appreciate
    their hard work.
  • Give meaningful praise: Don’t offer insincere praise just
    for the sake of encouragement. You should, however, praise individuals
    for devoting extra care to a project. Students and adults sense when
    someone is genuine. Authenticity strengthens the relationship between
    you and your team.
  • Reward accomplishments: Reward hard work to show your team
    members you value them and appreciate their effort. This can include
    monetary rewards, time off, or special recognition. Note that
    this process is different from simply throwing money at unmotivated team
    members — you’re recognizing behavior you want to continue.

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