This advice tickled us, but it also rings true:

As you seek out mentors, do not listen to most people because most people are wrong. You must listen to the people who have achieved success in an area
where you are also looking to experience success. You must listen to the successful business people who have gone before you.

This thought process also seemed relevant for those who have a hard time looking past the lack of a degree:

Throughout my career as an entrepreneur, speaker, and business consultant, I have met thousands of people who have a degree, but who don’t have skills.
However, skills pay the bills and in the world of business learning, skills only matter if they increase your earning potential. If you want to master
any area of your life, you must seek out people who are the top 5% of performers in that area and ask them what to do, how to it, why do it, and when
to do it?

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