Corey Pemberton has a guest post over at the Duct Tape Marketing blog where they talk about how to apply the principles of storytelling to marketing.  But one idea in particular can also be looked at when we’re talking about customer service:

Choose the Right Protagonist

Most businesses have spent a lot of time and money developing quality
products or services. They’re understandably proud of what they’ve
created. This creates a tendency to discuss what they’re selling at

But potential customers aren’t interested in your product or service
taking center stage. They’re only interested in hearing about what
you’re selling in a limited context: what it can do for them.

Choose the customer as the hero
instead. Framing the story from their perspective helps you focus on
what’s most compelling. It’s relatable because your marketing starts to
sound exactly like the conversations already taking place in their

Make the customer your protagonist; remember to approach the story from their perspective. 

They’ll notice the difference.